Looking for volunteers for RISC-V Linux support

riscv64gc-unknown-linux-gnu is Tier 2 for cross-compilation but not for hosts.

There is discussion on this here https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/72973

To move forward with RISC-V GNU/Linux host support, the compiler team would like at least two people to form a RISC-V notification group. I am willing to do this but we need at least one other volunteer.

Would anybody else be interested?

(The builder for the host binaries is also pending approval from the infrastructure team).

I'm interested in volunteering, but would need some guidance. Just let me know how to proceed.

Thanks denisvasilik!

In the PR I linked above, nikomatsakis suggested we create a notification group for RISC-V and an MCP.

I have a PR which adds the notification group here. Once that's done I'll look at making an MCP.


I would also like to participate, though it's a new activity to me and I need some guidance :slight_smile:

Thanks Disasm, I've added you to the RISC-V team PR

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Thanks tblah, just let me know when I can help you with something.

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