[lang-team-minutes] new plan for meeting minutes


So the language design team has always held regular voice meetings. Mostly these meetings consist of triage or examining specific questions raised in some issue – and we would then produce a comment on the issue in question laying out the points raised in the meeting. In the past, we also used those meetings to coordinate and decide on RFCs, but we’ve largely shifted that procedure so that it occurs asynchronously, thanks to the RFC bot.

Instead, we’re trying to use these meetings to have some focused discussion on various topics around the language; these can be problems but also ideally some forward looking stuff around new features. The plan is then that we will try to write up the discussion in an internals thread and continue the discussion there.

I’ll tag such threads with [lang-team-minutes]. (Is this the best way to tag? Should I make a sub-category? Are tags even necessary?)



I really like both the changes we’re making to the meeting, and this style of posting “minutes”. It was never great to post raw transcriptions, whereas this lets us organize the discussion more coherently and – most importantly – makes it very natural for others to jump in.

I believe it’s possible to set up a hierarchy of tags, such that “minutes” could be nested under “language design”. That’d be ideal IMO.



Yes, the unsafe guidelines are this way.



Really happy to see these minutes!


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