`Key` trait (`Borrow` replacement for collections)


I want a Key trait.

The Key trait would be kind of a mirror of the Borrow trait, but it would live in std::collections::Key.

Since &'a T can also be represented in an hypothetical Borrowed type as Borrowed<'a, T>, that’s exactly what we do here. This allows huge amounts of flexibility.

Here’s an example Key :


This could also be #[derive]'d, e.g.

#[derive(Eq, PartialEq, Hash, Key=MyKey)]
struct MyStruct(String, u8);
#[derive(Eq, PartialEq, Hash)]
struct MyKey<'a>(&'a str, &'a u8); // need the & and only a single lifetime if we wanna use derive, I think

This would be extremely useful for some keys. Indeed, (String, u8) is not hypothetical.

(This is not to be confused with “raw entry API”. I don’t want “raw entry API” I just want HashMap.get to be better/more useful with custom key types. No, Cow<'a, str> doesn’t work, I tried it and you just can’t move the map around (e.g. return it from a function) at all.)



I think a good first step would be instead to impl Borrow<(&T, &U, …)> for (T, U, …) in the standard library. (I just went to check if that is already done, but apparently it isn’t, which surprises me.)



You can’t do that. Borrow turns T into &U, e.g. String into &str.

It needs to put out an &.

And you can’t have &(&str) for (String) or w/e

let s = (String::new(), 0u8);
let b: &(&str, &u8) = &(&s.0, &s.1);

This is what your borrow would have to do.



Right, I somehow missed that.


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