Is there some crate for visiting WASM AST in Rust?

I’m trying to start a hobby project, to learn Rust and WASM, and read a WASM file, analyze and/or transpile it to another format. I found only one crate to do this, binaryen-rs that wraps the binaryen C API, but it is intended for produce WASM, not for analysis.

Is there another library for this kind of work? Thanks in advance.

[EDIT] I’m new in Rust Forums, just realized that this is the internal list, not user list. I tried to delete this post, but can’t find the way. My apologies.

There is this crate (which wasm-gc uses, e.g.), but I have no idea if the API is usable for what you have in mind:

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Yes, this is for what I’m looking for. Thank you!

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