Is it possible to parse the Rust source file into HIR?


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Lately, I’ve been really interested in compilers and I’d love to learn more about them. I have come to learn through projects like MIRI that there are multiple IR in Rust!

Could any one please suggest me how to obtain this HIR from a crate or a source file?


You can write a lint plugin that uses the check_crate method to get access to the crate’s HIR.

Lint plugin documentation is here: You’ll need a LateLintPass and not an EarlyLintPass (the latter is the AST, not the HIR)

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These commands will get you started:

  • rustc -Z unstable-options --unpretty mir
  • rustc -Z unstable-options --unpretty hir

You can pass a few other arguments to --unpretty too, check them out!

The following RFC is a must read if you want to learn more about IRs: I’d also suggest looking for *.md files in the rust source tree, some real gems are out there!

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Also its important to note that the HIR is not at all stable & if so if you upgrade your version of Rust any code you write based on it might be broken.


Thanks a tone @stjepang!! This little info has been absolutely wonderful :thumbsup:


Actually, I’m just trying to use HIR as the target code or a transcompiler - you reckon that MIR would be a better target?


There’s no guarantee of stability around either representation AFAIK. You’d have to pin to a particular version of Rust.

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