Install: error: failed to create rustlib


to run this shell in my macbook pro(10.10.1),

$ curl -s | sudo sh

… …

nstall: CFG_DESTDIR :=
install: CFG_PREFIX := /usr/local install: CFG_LIBDIR := /usr/local/lib install: CFG_MANDIR := /usr/local/share/man install: install: validating /tmp/rustup-tmp-install.biZem3k5/rust-nightly-x86_64-apple-darwin/ args install: install: verifying platform can run binaries install: verifying destination is writable install: verifying destination is not the same as source mkdir: /usr/local/lib/rustlib: Input/output error install: error: failed to create rustlib rustup: error: failed to install Rust


Does the /usr/local and /usr/local/lib directories exist on your computer?


Do you have rights to create a dir at /usr/local/lib ? If not won’t be able to install rust there.

It might make sense to have more verbose error messages if doesn’t have the rights to create change the destination directories or the path is missing.

BTW. If I am not wrong this forum is mainly for discussions about rust and it’s future. For future questions of this kind consulting the rust IRC and stack overflow might be preferred.


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