Impl Add for std::num::NonZeroU<*>

When adding two NonZero unsigned integers, the outcome will always be positive.

Currently std::num::NonZeroUsize and other unsigned variations do not implement the Add trait, and I'm not sure why. Is there something here I'm missing?

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This isn't true in the case of wrapping arithmetic. Arithmatic overflow panics (by default*) in debug mode, but it wraps (by default*) in release mode. That means that MAX + 1 gives 0.

Saturating<NonZeroUnn> could potentially be Add.

* this is a configurable setting separately from optimization and debug assertions IIRC, but in most cases it's just left to these defaults.


As CAD97 correctly pointed out, this is only true in the absence of overflow.

You'll notice that they do have checked_add and saturating_mul and such, just not the operators themselves.

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