[Idea] `Ref{,Mut}::<Option<T>>::transpose`

I found myself needing this function while working on my project:

impl Ref<Option<T>> {
    fn transpose(self) -> Option<Ref<T>> {
        if self.is_some() {
            Some(Ref::map(self, |inner| unsafe {
        } else {

Is this is idiomatic way of doing this? Does it make sense to add a standard library function for this, or is this too niche?

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Here’s a maybe nicer implementation:

use std::cell::Ref;

fn transpose1<T>(this: Ref<Option<T>>) -> Option<Ref<T>> {
    Ref::filter_map(this, |opt| opt.as_ref()).ok()

use std::cell::RefMut;

fn transpose2<T>(this: RefMut<Option<T>>) -> Option<RefMut<T>> {
    RefMut::filter_map(this, |opt| opt.as_mut()).ok()

I don’t like the naming “transpose” too much, because it glosses over the (potentially significant) side-effect that this operation unlocks the RefCell in the None case, wheras AFAIR other “transpose” methods are usually side-effect-free conversions between essentially equivalent alternatives. (I have not searched for “all the ‘transpose’s” though, so feel free to point me to more wild existing examples.)


Thanks! This is much nicer and actually solved another problem I had.

because it glosses over the (potentially significant) side-effect

I see. Hmm, what's a better name? ok_or_unlock?

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