[IDEA] Feature list for crates in dependency graph


Hi! I was working on an issue for the TiKV project. We wanted to reduce the build time by reducing the number of enabled features. To make this happen for such a dense dependency graph requires a tool to see the list of features in the graph and see out of these which are enabled. This would help in debugging and having finer control over the enabled features.


Personally, I’ve wanted features to be in the crate-level rustdocs for a long time too.


My first thought for where this sort of output would be most useful is as part of cargo tree, checking its issue tracker there is an existing issue about adding support. This should be a pretty simple feature to add, probably not even an evenings work if someone is motivated enough to do it.


Great find @Nemo157. I was hoping to find it in cargo tree too. The linked issue looks like it would solve the ops problem.