Idea: add std macros to the 2024 prelude module, for regularity

Currently, standard macros are not in the std::prelude modules. This means that a use cannot effectively re-introduce a prelude that was disabled with no_std:


extern crate std;

mod tests {
    use std::prelude::rust_2021::*;
    extern crate std;

    fn foo() {
        assert_eq!(vec![0, 1, 2].len(), 3);
error: cannot find macro `vec` in this scope
  --> src/
14 |         assert_eq!(vec![0, 1, 2].len(), 3);
   |                    ^^^

Is there any reason not to add these macros to the std::prelude::rust_2024 module, so that code can follow the above pattern without a actual crate-wide prelude-affecting #[macro_use]?

I can think of only one complication; it would need care to avoid importing the vec module along with the vec macro.


I like it. Is there any way to achieve "import vec! (macro) but not vec (module)" at the current moment?

The prelude module could import the vec! macro, via some re-export path, from the module that defines it rather than the crate root. Hm. But there is no actual such export path currently existing, because there is no “alloc prelude”. I don't know if there's a clean solution. Can re-exports be unstable?

(I do think it would be nice if there was syntax to express this directly in use, but that would be a separate proposal so I'd like to not block this on that.)

I did an ACP (API Change Proposal) to do this a while back, and it was resolved/accepted as "we'd accept a PR for this," even for the existing preludes.

We do now have the capability for certain paths to be unstable but contain stable items not stably usable at that location.

It turns out that this isn't actually possible: macros that have been #[macro_export]ed must be imported from the crate root only. This affects panic! and vec!. That's unfortunate, because vec! is the macro that I most wanted this to be done for. Any ideas for how to solve this problem?

Quick initial thoughts:

  • remove #[macro_export] and re-export from root
  • create a new macro that calls the old one

A number of std macros are defined using macro syntax with #[rustc_semitransparent_macro] to get macro_rules! hygiene. vec! can be switched to do so. Alternatively, it can be pub used from a location it is #[macro_use] visible and imported from there.

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