How to load metadata of external crate for analysis?

I was trying to develop a tool to analysis rust code. I tried to get mir code for external functions with optimized_mir. The compiler report that it can't found mir for my own external library and std, but crate core works well... I don't know why and how can I import external crate's metadata?

MIR is normally only encoded in the metadata for generic functions, #[inline] functions and const functions. You can compile all crates with -Zalways-encode-mir=yes to get the MIR for all functions.

Thanks for you reply! It's really helpful!
Now I rebuild my library and std with the flag. But some functions in std/core do not have mir. For example, intrinsics. Seems rustc didn't provide a interface like opt_optimized_mir that returns an option, for in case if there is no mir for the function, return None.

Will it be useful if there is an opt_optimized_mir? Or everyone should be carefully to know the function do have mir before they call optimized_mir?

You can use tcx.is_mir_available I think.

Thanks! I'm so silly :smiley:

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