How to get feedbacks for libs PR and ACP?


I've submitted a libs PR about 4 months ago, and later a corresponding ACP 3 months ago. The PR was not getting comments from libs team except I addressed initial comments from the community. The ACP was not getting any feedbacks, which seems odd to me.

Maybe my ACP and PR are just worthless and I'm blind, but I don't know. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what's wrong or share any tips of getting any feedbacks from libs team.

I've been keeping updating the PR to resolve new conflicts whenever they pop up. But it's getting tiring and I hope I can either move it forward or maybe I should give up.


With the amount of time that has passed, I'd probably just open a thread on Zulip.

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There haven't been regular ACP review meetings. As I understand it, those should be starting soon, which will hopefully get through the backlog.


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