How to generate LLVM intrinsic function with `vscale` type parameters?

Recently I camp up with an idea to implement RISC-V vector V into core::arch crate. I opened vadd.ll file to see how the target LLVM IR would look like, and I saw code like:

declare void @llvm.riscv.vse.mask.nxv1i64(
  <vscale x 1 x i64>,
  <vscale x 1 x i64>*,
  <vscale x 1 x i1>,

define void @intrinsic_vse_mask_v_nxv1i64_nxv1i64(<vscale x 1 x i64> %0, <vscale x 1 x i64>* %1, <vscale x 1 x i1> %2, i64 %3) nounwind {
; CHECK-LABEL: intrinsic_vse_mask_v_nxv1i64_nxv1i64:
; CHECK:       # %bb.0: # %entry
; CHECK-NEXT:    vsetvli zero, a1, e64, m1, ta, mu
; CHECK-NEXT:    vse64.v v8, (a0), v0.t
; CHECK-NEXT:    ret
  call void @llvm.riscv.vse.mask.nxv1i64(
    <vscale x 1 x i64> %0,
    <vscale x 1 x i64>* %1,
    <vscale x 1 x i1> %2,
    i64 %3)

  ret void

This piece of code includes a vscale and a special form to declare variable length vector like <vscale x 1 x i64>.

Is there any possibility to generate such code using current rustc compiler? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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