How to add our custom pass into rustc

Rustc has one compiling option -C passes=val where we could add extra LLVM passes to run. So I am trying to add my own llvm pass into Rustc.

When I add my pass via this option:
RUSTFLAGS="-C passes=my-pass" cargo build
Compiler reports errors:
error: failed to run LLVM passes: unknown pass name 'my-pass'

In clang we have -Xclang -load -Xclang path/to/ So I try to load my pass via -C llvm-args=-fpass-plugin=/opt/new-pass/ -C passes=my-pass in the clang way. It reports: rustc -Cllvm-args="..." with: Unknown command line argument '-fpass-plugin=/opt/new-pass/'. Also tried to replace -fpass-plugin with other options like -load and -load-pass-plugin, but they still cannot be recognized by rustc.

Is there a way to add our custom pass into rustc?

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