Feature request: cross compile improve for Rust on windows

Hope cross compile improve for Rust on windows. Yes, I am developer who using windows. but my target deploy machine is Linux. I want to using cross compile for linux machine. but i can not fix the problem with Rust .

I also using Dotnet, Java, Even Golang,

They can easily to cross compile for linux. Golang works well with MingW, Mysys2[gcc,g++)

But rust not working at all.

I am not really good at rust, can not help my self out of the problem.

wish rust have better support for cross compile.

This repository has instructions for cross compiling from Windows to Linux: GitHub - KodrAus/rust-cross-compile: An example of cross compiling Rust apps to Linux on Windows, with only rustup

If you have trouble getting cross compilation working, please share details of what you're trying to do and what errors you are seeing on the Rust Users Forum.

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