Exercism.io needs Rust mentors

Reposting here because internals is probably where the most experienced Rustaceans reside.


Would it be advisable to pin an “exercism.io needs Rust mentors” request somewhere so that those would want to know about this opportunity can find out about it? Maybe this gels with the Rust community’s desire to be helpful to newcomers. Learners are asking for a timeframe (how many days/weeks) to get feedback from mentors in exercism.io

The timeframe for me, as of August, was around… 3 days for the first feedback, and from then on something like 12 to 24 hours.

I’d like to say (once more) thanks to all of the Rust mentors in Exercism, because you have been really helpful and kind to me :slight_smile:

So I went and signed up for exercism.io in order to see what this mentoring thing is up to. I got access to the Slack thing, but basically I find it extremely non-obvious what the next step is. If you really need people, please make it efficient/accessible to get going and provide value?


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