Distributing via Source

One of my favorite parts of Arch Linux is the package manager (pacman). I like it because it downloads the packages quickly, and it compiles from source. I noticed that Cargo programs need to be distributed via pre-compiled binaries. I personally hate the way that binaries run, and I find that building from source further optimizes the program. Please consider a feature that allows the user to download the program, which compiles from source.

This is exactly reversed. The crates.io package repository distributes packages only in source form. The cargo install command downloads the source code and compiles it locally.

The only pre-compiled binaries we distribute are components of the Rust toolchain itself (including the compiler, standard library, etc.). These can't be distributed in source form because Rust is self-hosting. (You need to install a Rust compiler before you can compile the Rust compiler.)


AUR packages are often (but not always) built from source, but as far as I know the official arch repos are all binary artifacts.


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