Disabling typographer auto-fixups

I, for one, am not pleased that this change was made, especially through a request in such an obscure thread as this. I very much liked having my typewriter apostrophes fixed up into curly, typographer's apostrophes.

Also, come on, typing a pair of backticks is not that hard. Not only does it make sure the forum will not misinterpret your punctuation, it also makes code stand out from running text and more pleasant to read.

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I post from mobile much of the time. My keyboard (iOS) doesn’t even have back ticks (if it does, I haven’t found them). Sure, I can click the editor button to insert back ticks. But I, for one, welcome our new no-auto-fixup settings.

I'd be fine with some of them, but I view auto-"correcting" two dots into three as actively harmful. Maybe we should try to get upstream to be a bit more conservative with their "corrections"?

I did quite like how it turned --- into an em-dash, though.


(Off topic) iOS does have backticks: this is code

On the English keyboard: Number/Signs mode -> long press (Apostrophe) -> the left most variant


I used the em-dash shortcut all the time as well.

One that I recall was particularly unhelpful was the one that turned +- into ±. It was not uncommon to read about a "C+±style solution."


Separating out the various changes into separate settings we could enable/disable seems like a good idea.