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look at Rust lang don't have a lot of key words if you can put switch int doble, do this for me, please :sob: The language is very good, it has a more future just to limit rust, C ++ is not so limited

What's your problem with match, isize (or i32 / i64) and f64?


it would be great more keywords and more simplicity

More keywords is the exact opposite of simplicity.


Yes more if it had at least more primitive data types it would be good and one more double etc.. keyword

Why would you want a double keyword? There is already an f64 type which is exactly the same as double in C/C++.

More is no better than c ++

I am honestly confused about what you actually want. First you state that more keywords is better and then you state that more keywords is worse than C++.

Yes, I want a key word that is better for solving calculations outside of Println or do you know another way to add a note1 + note3?

I don't see how that is related.

From your posts it's not clear if there's a need to change anything, or whether you're just a new Rust user, and you haven't found a solution to your problem yet.

If you're stuck with some type conversion/math problem, it may be better to ask a question on instead, with a more complete code on (just names of variables is not enough to understand what you mean, because we haven't seen your code, so we don't know what your variables are).


@bjorn3Type I just wanted to type add the values ​​Nota1 + nota2 and because Println doesn't have a string

If you want to add support for the + operator to your own type you will gave to implement the Add trait for your type.

ok bls

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