[cross-post] The official Rust Playground now has the top 100 crates available!


Implementation-wise, the playground uses pre-built Docker containers for the nightly, beta, and stable compilers. The list of crates is updated every so often and then the crates are pre-compiled in debug and release mode, to avoid waiting at run time. The backend server uses Iron and the frontend uses React and Redux. There’s a set of feature tests that use Ruby and a headless browser to try to ensure that the most important bits continue to work.

It’s my hope that these (reasonably) well-understood components will help more people be able to contribute to the playground.


I think we should adjust the heuristics to cache all crates beginning with the string “rayo”. I mean, I don’t want to make anything too tailored or anything, it just seems like a good general rule.


Is https://github.com/rust-lang/rust-playpen/ still the right place to report bugs in the playground? That repo hasn’t seen an update in months, so I guess not – but then the README should be updated.

If you check the help page, there’s a link to the correct repo. I don’t have any control over the previous repo to make such changes :wink:

Great – I sent a couple bugreports your way and had the old repo updated. :slight_smile:

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