Could the new Github boards help track RFC status?


A couple of months ago @aturon started a discussion about the RFC staging. Today Github announced new features, including a kanban board called “Projects”. Maybe this new feature can be exploited to structure and track the RFC process?

We could create a board with the following columns:

  • Problems For this stage, I would propose to create issues in the RFC repo documenting problems and shortcomings in the language or other parts of Rust that people would like to see fixed / improved.
  • Active Proposals Once an RFC is written it should mention the problem it solves by referencing the issue (if applicable). Discussion begins, etc.
  • FCP Once a RFC enters FCP it moves to this column.
  • Waiting for implementation For RFCs that have been accepted but not yet implemented
  • Partial implementation When a RFC is being worked on but is not yet done
  • Waiting for stabilization RFCs that are implemented but are unstable or behind feature gates
  • Stable in nightly When a feature is stabilized and will be introduced in beta at the next release cycle
  • Stable in beta Features will be available in next release
  • Stable This column is not really needed, RFCs reaching this state are essentially done…

This would give a great overview of the state of all the features. I’m pretty sure a lot of this could also be automated (probably a good fit for the new rfcbot?).

What are the thoughts?


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