Consider implement terminal control

I found rust lacks of many useful function in terminal control.For example, I can't move cursor when I want to choose the position I output in terminal, so that I can't realize refreshing-output cli program like top. Please consider implement these function in the website.I believe that means a lot for many ones.

There are many Rust crates for terminal control codes or ANSI codes; look on for "ansi" or "terminal" or "curses".


Rust tries to keep its standard library small and portable, and encourages use of dependencies for most things. Terminal control can easily be implemented without being built-in into Rust, so it's not built-in.

Check out many crates for terminal UI:

e.g. this one can move the cursor:


Thanks a lot, solved my problem. Maybe you are right, a tidy standard library is a better choice.

Thanks! I will try.

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