Compiler team proactive agenda

OK so we didn’t really set any agenda for this week! I propose that it’d be great to talk about mentorship and accessibility of the compiler source. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I think there are a lot of “small hurdles” that contributors find when they come to rustc, and I’d like to discuss what we can do to solve those.

Some links and thoughts:

  • issue 40902: more forge docs for mentoring
  • rustdocs for the compiler crates are not available
  • most of our types don’t have documentation
    • proposal: sort by which are used most frequently, open up a “checklist issue” with the goal of documenting all structs, starting with those used most frequently
  • no design documentations clarifying the overall way that the compiler works
    • what is AST? what is HIR? what is ty::Ty<'tcx>? how do these things relate?
    • what are the 'tcx and 'gcx lifetimes?
      • (I think we should consider changing those names, too.)

Basically I’d like to decide on what are most urgent problems and try to draw up a plan to address.

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