Compiler Lecture Series


Meeting id is 945 406 023. Here is the link Note that while it may work in the browser, there is also a client that you are recommended to download.

After the meeting, I’ll post the result onto a YouTube channel.


Some “required reading” from the Lark part of the conversation:


Starting in a few minutes. =)


Hmm, unfortunately the Zoom recording seems to have only recorded the audio from Tom’s presentation! That’s a drag. Luckily, @tromey had the slides in a google presentation so I guess people can hopefully step along. Sorry, still learning how things work here. =(


Oh. wait. that’s not true =) there is totally video, yay!


The video of Tom Tromey discussing the current architecture is available on YouTube.


Thanks for recording and posting this. I was in transit in a carpool at the time and could not attend.


I’m excited to announce our “next speaker” =)

@sunfishcode is going to talk next Thursday, Jan 31 at 9am UTC-08:00 (Pacific Time), about the cranelift compiler. Feel free to suggest questions to them or guidance on what to cover – I’m particularly interested in getting some details about how they’ve setup their IR and what sorts of optimizations they do, especially as we consider changes to MIR to make it more friendly to optimizing. We’ve also considered using cranelift as a really fast backend for Debug builds and @sunfishcode has done some experimentation on that already.

As before, the meeting will be held and recorded on Zoom. I’ll send out some details in a bit.


(ps I don’t really plan to necessarily have things every week, more like irregular intervals, but what the heck =)


Not exactly a compiler lecture, but related – I just posted two videos about the Salsa framework, which is very similar to what Rustc uses for incremental compilation.


@nikomatsakis is the Zoom conference room the same? I just logged in and it’s giving me info for last week’s talk…


The videos about Salsa are available on YouTube, not Zoom.

Here are the direct links:


I understand, but I’m talking about the following:

As I understand it, that will be on Zoom.


Whoops, I forgot to post that, didn’t I?

Topic: Cranelift Talk Time: Jan 31, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting




Thank you :slight_smile: I thought it starts one hour earlier and was surprised there was no link to the conference room.


The cranelift video is on YouTube here, or it will be once YouTube finishes processing.


Next entry in Rustc Lecture Series: oli-obk talks about the design and use of miri, the MIR interpreter.

Date: March 5, 2019 at 10am UTC-05:00 (Boston time)

Where: Join Zoom Meeting

Description: miri is an interpreter for MIR, Rust’s internal representation. miri is the foundation for Rust’s compile time evaluation capabilities. Its design enables it to simulate the workings of the machine at a low-level, meaning that it can interpret not only “safe Rust” but also a lot of unsafe Rust code, including complex and highly optimized libraries like the stdlib hashmap. In this talk, compiler team member @oli-obk will dig into how miri works, giving us some insight into its architecture, the way that it represents and reasons about memory, and what kinds of capabilities it offers for Rust itself.

Note that this event is listed on the compiler team meetig calendar, including full details for how to connect via phone etc.


Another request: hygiene by @petrochenkov


Is there any option to record these meetings to view it later?