Chalk progress (and where to follow it)

Heya, partially as per the push to stabilise GATs blogpost, I realised I have not seen much movement around Chalk.

This may be because I’m occasionally only taking a look into the rust compiler intrinsics community, but I can’t find much “progress” or indication thereof for chalk specifically. Running search for chalk to see where and when it gets discussed to be poked at it more yields only talk about chalk’s eventual implementation, or what it aims to solve, or what it’s related to.

So, I’m curious what some good issues/PRs/RFCs/Zulip streams/discourse topics are where chalk progress is noted and discussed the most, I’d like to stay up-to-date.

As far as I'm aware, wg-traits - rust-lang - Zulip is the main discussion area around the current trait solver and Chalk. The official description of the stream is

Working group focused on the trait checker, with an emphasis on chalk integration

And of course, rust-lang/chalk is the home of Chalk, with its own issue tracker.


I can't speak as to actual progress, but given that rust-analyzer uses chalk, it has gotten much better at edge cases in the past few months. Noticeable improvements where it has extremely few inference failures.