Bors Cargo.lock conflicts

I’m finding that recently there are a lot of merge conflicts due to the top level lock file. This is kind of annoying because it feels like a “fake” conflict. It doesn’t have anything to do with the main point of the PR, but it wastes PR queue time and a review cycle (which is usually at least a day, depending on where the reviewer lives).

I’m wondering if we can have bors automatically resolve the most basic cases by rebasing automatically if and only if Cargo.lock is the only conflict, and running check to update the lock file.

There’s work in progress in Cargo – I think that should help things


I am not sure if that will help. I have had cases where bors called out a conflict but rebase worked without any manual intervention. My impression was git won’t even try to merge Cargo.lock because of this line in our .gitattributes.

The intent is to remove that attribute once rust-lang/rust migrates to the new format. Also, rust-lang/rust will likely be an early adopter so it doesn’t have to wait 6+ months before it is turned on for everyone else.