Blog Post: Futures Concurrency III

Hey all, I've published the third installment in my "async concurrency" series of blog posts, this time on the "process concurrently, yield sequentially" (for lack of a better name) mode of concurrency. I cover how the select! macro implements this mode of concurrency, cover the issues specific to the select!, and show an alternative non-macro API which enables this mode of concurrency to be used.

It's a rather long read, and is closer to "reference guide" than "tutorial". But I hope it'll be helpful for people looking to write (concurrent) async code, and help inform the design of the APIs we provide via the language and library. Thanks!

  1. How often does merge -ing futures come up in practice?

Yeah, having a .once() on Future that explicitly reframes it as an AsyncIterator seems sufficient here: much like Stream::collect collects a future for "stream has emitted all its items".

And honestly, I'd expect

(async {
    sleep(dur!(1 sec).await);

to be a stream that waits the future and then yields 1 2 3 as individual items, not as one array. (For that matter, it makes sense for Iterator to have a trivial IntoAsyncIterator that just never returns Poll::Pending)

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