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What would it take to allow semicolons after curly brace-delimited items? Like this?

// not valid Rust
struct MyStruct {
fn my_fn() {

There are two big reasons to want to allow this:

  1. They’re already allowed in function bodies, where they parse as empty statements. Not allowing them outside the functions seems inconsistent with that. In other words, this is already valid:

    fn my_fn() {
        fn my_fn_inside() {
  2. For non-brace-delimited items, semicolons are not only allowed, they’re required. This includes not only things that obvious need delimiters, like this unit-like struct:

    struct MainThreadWitness;

    They are also required with this tuple-like struct:

    struct MyNewType(u32);

    What’s so special about round braces compared to curly braces?


Me and @ExpHP wrote an RFC allowing this a few days ago. Sorry, should have linked in the thread :wink:

The exact technical solution are somewhat up in the air atm.

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