1.2 RC testing

Here are the artifacts for tomorrow’s release of Rust 1.2. Please give them an install and smoke test on your platform of choice and report back whether it succeeded.

I’ve confirmed the OSX tarballs, Linux tarballs, and Windows MSI installers all work with a “hello world” for both 32/64 platforms where available.

Looking good!

I managed to install in multirust with the file name of a tarball downloaded separately, but not directly with an URL:

multirust update 1.2rc --installer ./rust-1.2.0-*.tar.gz
multirust run 1.2rc cargo test

Testing Kuchiki (and so building its 42 recursive dependencies) worked fine.

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Is the MSVC version considered stable now?

It still has the problem with dllimport not being handled correctly that triggers linking errors everywhere. For me that problem is big enough to put this version in the “does not work” category.

@tomaka no msvc build is still considered experimental.

Thanks for testing @alexcrichton, @SimonSapin and everybody else!

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