trait.Iterator.html is very large and loads slowly

trait.Iterator.html is 13.3 MiB in size and takes some time to load over a slow connection (not to mention render in the browser, but that’s a different issue).

It could gzip down to 0.7 MiB.

CloudFront can automatically compress files up to 10 MB in size only, and this appears to be on. According to this documentation, the fix might be somewhat involved, but it should be possible to gzip the files ahead of time and add the correct Content-Encoding header prior to uploading to S3.

The other solution would be to ensure all files are under 10 MB.


I think the correct, general solution is to improve rustdoc to serve a “lite” version of the documentation as well as the regular fancy one. Javadocs look horrible, but they load fast.

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I think this is a known issue:

It’s pretty slow for me, it takes about 15s to load. I should get in the habit of using a local copy, though.

Proposed fix at takes it down to 724 KiB :tada: