Timeline for Procedural Macros 1.1


I just got around to watching Cameron Sword’s talk about procedural macros and have poked around the RFC previously, which are great.

[details=Obsolete]One question I was left with though is what a TokenStream might look like for what are currently MultiDecorator macros over something like a struct definition.

If we don’t want procedural macro writers interacting with libsyntax directly, then how can they interpret the stream as a struct item? Will they have to parse the token stream as a struct themselves to, for instance, iterate over the structs fields? Or would there be some representation like libsyntaxs VariantData that the stream could be parsed as?

I’m interested to know how much semantic meaning a stream will have available, and how much you have to work out for yourself.

Or am I completely misguided on how it’s all going to work?[/details]

EDIT: Just found this RFC discussion.

My question now is: any idea when procedural macros 1.1 are likely to be a thing? It looks like they’re on the way.



I’ve nominated the RFC to move to final comment period – we’ll see what the relevant subteams say, but hopefully we can move quickly on at least reaching a decision.

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