Strange question - how to store BSTR allocated with SysAllocString,etc?


Let’s say I pass a wide string into SysAllocStringLen - the pointer I get back is a bit more than a raw pointer. The 4 bytes of memory right before that pointer points to a value indicating the # of characters in the BSTR. (2 bytes per character). Unlike normal C-style strings, there can be 0s in a BSTR.

Unfortunately, Pin is still in nightly.

Is there any way to “own” the pointer and hold it without moving it around? Or am I overthinking this and a basic NonNull would work here?


Basic NonNull is totally fine- the only thing you would be moving is the pointer, and there’s no dependence on its location.


Wait, right. The pointer itself can move - the location its pointing too can’t be moved. That location is allocated by the Sys functions, so its not touched by Rust.

Thanks. Was definitely overthinking it.