RustConf 2017 and the US travel ban


I am not personally impacted by the ban, but very sympathetic to concerns for those who are.

I will almost certainly attend RustConf if it is in the US, but greatly reduced chance if it is in another country.

That said, I would like to echo those who have made the following two suggestions

  1. Double down on efforts to make the event itself more of an international and inclusive one
  • live streaming,
  • organize simultaneous meetups in various locations with planned interactions between the locations
  1. Think more about the future than this year. Plan for the success of the language and the community, which are both building at an incredible rate, and figure out how quickly you can move to a model where there is
  • at least one major sponsored rust conference in each of North America, Europe, and Asia every year (with up to 40%, or so, overlapping material)
  • ongoing reachout to support smaller rust events in all locations

The travel ban raises issues about inclusiveness and exclusionary approaches. The sad reality is that any location is going to be exclusionary for some, whether due to cost, legality, or security, so the best approach is to go broad.

Of course, that has its own substantial costs and logistical challenges, and 2017 might not be the year to greatly ramp things up. But now is the time to plan for it and to be building a larger network of interested sponsors, etc.

Rust is gonna by yuuuuuge. :wink:



Ask a wider audience, like twitter.

I know or know of a fair number of Iranians who did graduate degrees in the U.S. in mathematics, or more mathematical areas of computer science, but mostly working on the data science side now. So…

If twitter is wider than you want, and if my experience is not selection bias, then maybe ask as github issues on math, data science, etc. related projects.

I agree the longer term solution is to put more energy into building up the events in Europe and elsewhere.



FWIW, we advertised this post widely, including on both discourse forums, reddit, and multiple twitter accounts.



Even if you do alternate US/non-US (so everyone can, at least in theory, attend half), being able to watch high-resolution streams (youtube streams maybe?) would be really great. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Youtube streams also turn into Youtube videos after the fact.

That also means ensuring people ask questions into the microphone (so people watching can hear them), making sure the screen is clearly visible, making sure that the slides and the stage are each visible when they have to be, etc.

Being able to ask questions remotely during the live event would be awesome too.

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