Rust is 49th on TIOBE language index


So in October Rust was 49th out of 50 ( and apparently was 50th in September at least according to rededit (



Erroneous index, Rust is number one! :grinning:

But seriously, that’s a good trend! I think Rust can became more popular than Erlang or Prolog. By the way I don’t see OCaml in the index, was it grouped with ML or OCaml isn’t popular?



Wow! Look at the Go’s place: :open_mouth:

The following list of languages denotes #51 to #100. Since the differences are relatively small, the programming languages are only listed (in alphabetical order). (Visual) FoxPro, 4th Dimension/4D, Apex, APL, ATLAS, Avenue, Bash, bc, Bourne shell, CL (OS/400), Clean, Clipper, Common Lisp, cT, Eiffel, Emacs Lisp, Factor, Go, Hack, Icon, IDL, Inform, J, J#, Julia, Korn shell, MAD, Magic, MQL4, MUMPS, NATURAL, NXT-G, OpenCL, Paradox, PL/I, PowerShell, Programming Without Coding Technology, Pure Data, Q, S, sed, Smalltalk, Stata, Tcl, thinBasic, VBScript, Verilog, VHDL, X10, Z shell

Congratulations, Rustaceans!



This thread would be more suitable to the reddit than internals. It’s now obvious that in 50 months, Rust will be the most popular language.


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