Rust 1.17.0 prerelease testing

It’s that time of the … every 6 weeks … again! Rust 1.17 is released on Thursday and builds are available now for testing. This is our first stable release produced from Travis and AppVeyor so although we’ve all been testing nightly/beta for 6 weeks (right? right?) it’s good to keep a sharp eye out for any regressions!

Release artifacts are uploaded to dev ( currently and will be promoted to prod ( this Thursday. The URL is

You can test rustup with

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER= rustup update stable

Please let us know if you run into any issues! Pending any detected regressions these are likely to be the exact artifacts that we’ll release on Thursday.


Oh I forgot to mention, but once you’re done testing you can go back to the normal stable channel on rustup with:

rustup update stable

(note the lack of RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER environment variable)

Are release notes ready to pore over?

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I will have them sometime today. Sorry for waiting until the last minute.

I tested x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, i686-unknown-linux-gnu, x86_64-pc-windows-msvc, and the msi’s for i686-pc-windows-msvc and x86_64-pc-windows-gnu.

Release notes.


Currently, I failed to build compiletest out-of-box using rustc-1.17.0.

My configuration is a bit particular: it is the package distribution system of OpenBSD. So I first build rustc using 1.16.0 version, and next I rebuild it using itself (using local-rebuild feature). And now when testing the binary, it fails to build compiletest.

The compilation of rustc-1.17.0-src/src/tools/compiletest/src/ failed due to use of #![feature(static_in_const)]. A warning is issued (this feature has been stable since 1.17.0. Attribute no longer needed), and warnings are denied.

I have locally patched compiletest, but prefer to let know that testsuite isn’t runnable out-of-box in context of local-rebuild.

I believe tools like compiletest expect themselves to be compiled with the stage0 compiler, running tests and such with local-rebuild likely has bugs like this with it.

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