RFC process for 'minor' RFCs

While I think we definitely should clarify what warrants a full RFC (see a similar thread within the libs team), I’m dubious about the idea of a 24 hour long “final comment period”.

Basically, if we feel something warrants visibility and a chance to comment from the wider community, we should try to accommodate people with other commitments and so on, and I think the standard week-long period (together with appearance in status report) strikes a reasonable balance.

OTOH, if the subteam feels that something is minor to the point of not needing community review, and there is subteam consensus on it, I think it should just be merged immediately. It seems worthwhile trying to identify some criteria for what falls into this category (and, for that matter, what doesn’t need to go through the RFC repo at all; again, see the linked libs discussion for one way that might play out.)

Trying to do something in between just seems like the worst of both worlds – not as fast as merging outright, but paying lipservice at best to full community feedback.

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