[Resolved] Add `include_byte_array` built-in?

I would like to use include_bytes to bundle an ELF file in my crate (to load the ELF file later). The ELF file should have a specific alignment so that it can be loaded without copying it. I also want to put it in a specific linker section.

The problem now is that include_bytes creates a byte string literal, which is a reference to a byte array (&[u8; SIZE]). Since we only have a reference, we can’t apply any attributes to the underlying array. For example, when we put it into a static and and add a link_section attribute, the attribute only applies to the reference, not to the array itself.

So how about adding an inlude_byte_array built-in that creates an array ([u8; SIZE]) instead of a byte string? This still wouldn’t be optimal, since we need to know the exact size for creating a static from it (so we would need to update it every time the extern file changes or generate the code through a build script), but it least it would be possible to apply a link_section attribute. Another possibility would be to add an include_byte_array_as_static built-in (name is just a placeholder) that additionally takes a name for the static and directly creates a static array.

The question is whether something like this is useful enough to be added. What do you think?

The current alternative is to include the bytes through a linker script, but this has the disadvantage that one has to unsafely transmute linker script symbols to access the data, which is dangerous and error prone.

How about this?


As for the explicit length, wasn’t there an RFC that would allow omitting it for consts and statics too?

Thank you, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this :smiley:

Found it: https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/pull/2545

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