Rename Box::into_raw_with_allocator to Box::into_raw_out?

Because Box::into_raw_with_allocator and Box::from_raw_in is pair, so why not rename Box::into_raw_with_allocator to Box::into_raw_out? It should be easier to understand.

Same as Vec.

IMO “out” doesn't make too much sense, because I read methods like Box::new_in as “create new box with value allocated in the given allocator”, and I don't see how I could interpret the word “out” in a similar manner in this context.

I do agree that the current naming seems a bit inconsistent. Since all the other ***_in methods actually do allocate something in the given allocator, but from_raw_in doesn't, it might be a sensible thing to instead rename the from_raw_in method to from_raw_with_allocator.

Also I noticed that Vec uses ***_with_alloc instead of ***_with_allocator. That's also inconsistent with Box. I feel like I might prefer the shorter alloc because allocator is really long. (But on the other hand allocator is slightly more clear, since alloc can also be “allocate” or “allocation”.)


How would that be easier to understand? The name would have no clear meaning, speaking as a native English speaker. If anything, Box::from_raw_in should be renamed to be clearer.

Convert into a raw pointer and take out an allocator. :rofl:

**_in is also ambiguous, I think it’s good for everyone to understand the meaning, the English in programming is just a symbol.

Far less so than out. Regardless, as I said,

In fact, the premise of this thread clearly indicates that the meaning of "from_raw_in" was unclear to at least one user! Count me in (heh) on the idea that it should be renamed to be clearer.

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Yes,maybe it can be rename to from_raw_with_alloc,and the same is into_raw_with_allocnew_with_alloc

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