Pre-release for 1.30

The 1.30 release is tomorrow, and stable artifacts are ready for testing.

You can test via rustup with RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER= rustup update stable; the artifacts are here:

Release notes can be found here:

Let us know if you find any problems!


The link to the Procedural macros book chapter is broken.


Sometimes links aren’t live until it’s actually released, but I don’t see that chapter in the beta docs either. It is there on nightly though.


“Using anonymous parameters in traits is now deprecated with a warning and will be a hard error in the 2018 edition” links to, I think it should link to or the RFC instead.

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I agree. I think linking to both the tracking issue and RFC might be good…

@Mark_Simulacrum does the release team read the comments here before doing the release? See

There was a PR open fixing it, it just hasn’t landed yet because I made a mistake with the patch and didn’t realize.

To be completely clear, I checked here, but unfortunately this release pushed artifact builds too close to the actual release for us to change anything unless a major issue was found. Since the release note URLs are not too important (master is the true authoritative source for the latest corrections) I made the decision to not hold the release for that fix.

It would be good if there were examples of the attribute-like and function-like procedural macros in the docs.

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