Opt-in to overlapping impls and explicit impl selection

We didn't have these implementation details when we started. The original post wasn't bad, it was just open-ended.

Frankly, yes it was very poor, as is indicated by the ten likes on my request for detail. It's your inability to accept this fact that is the issue, as the poor quality of your posts has persisted over time despite multiple warnings from moderators.


This, I think, is the disconnect here.

You're using irlo as more of a discussion "here's a half formed idea I had" and expecting everyone else to flesh out your idea for you.

Most everyone else here expects more put together proposals, rather than spitballed ideas. Specifically, when proposing a potential extension, we like to see clear effort to provide three main things:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How do the existing language features fall short in addressing the problem? Is a library solution impossible? If it's possible, in what way is it problematic?
  • What addition would allow you to solve your problem satisfactorily? Why do simpler solutions fail?

It doesn't need to be as formally structured as an RFC. But if you want your audience to presume good faith and engage constructively with your posts, addressing these three points is a good idea.


Please keep the thread to discussions about the idea only.

Would you rather I create a meta thread regarding your consistently low quality posts? I'm trying to address a serious issue that's been brought up numerous times before and you refuse to accept that your posts are low quality. I can create a dedicated thread if you'd prefer, but that feels a bit much, given that it would functionally be a public execution.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine discussing this proposal and have tried but you've refused to acknowledge any concerns. There's an elephant in the room that must be addressed regardless.


We're pretty sure the bigger problem is ppl derailing our threads and starting flame wars, but unfortunately there's no way for us to actually prevent ppl from participating in our threads in this software.

We kindly ask you to refrain from interacting with our threads, tho. Thanks.



I will not be engaging further until the moderators weigh in. I believe I have made my viewpoint quite clear. Anyone is free to DM me to discuss this further if you are so inclined.