Off-topic discussion: Implemention of `Default` trait / internals vs. users forum

Yes, you can define a default value for a type by implementing the Default trait for that type. The Default trait provides a way to create a default value for a type when one is needed.

struct MyType {
    value: i32,
impl Default for MyType {
    fn default() -> Self {
        MyType { value: 42 } 
fn main() {
    let my_variable: MyType = Default::default();

    println!("Default value: {:?}", my_variable);

I defined a custom type MyType with a field value then I implemented the Default trait for MyType. The default function returns an instance of MyType with a default value for the value field (in this case, 42). In the main function, we create a variable and initialize it with the default value. When you run this code, you'll see that my_variable is initialized with the default value defined in the Default implementation for MyType.