Meeting time for the Ecosystem Working Group

Hi everyone!

I think it’s about time we organise some face-time for the Ecosystem Working Group to meet and talk about what to do with the open set of issues we’re tracking in the GitHub repository.

What’s the plan?

It would be good to run through:

  • How to ship the Cookbook
  • How to ship the API Guidelines
  • Some nursery libraries that need someone in the community to take the helm
  • Maintainership guidelines
  • Custodianship initiatives
  • Things we’re not tracking yet

That’s a pretty big list we might not get all the way through, but it would be good to set a cadence for catching up.


Wednesday, 25th of April, 11am Pacific Time

The time is just a starting point we can work on. Leave a comment if there’s a different time that works for you!


It wouldn’t be an ecosystem group without the ecosystem so anyone that wants to join in is invited to come along!

How to join

I’ll update this with details closer to the date, it will probably be a Google Hangout, but I’m open to other options.

What if I can’t/don’t want to meet but still want to help out?

Even if you can’t make it you can still have your say!

Have a look through the open issues and leave your thoughts. All input is welcome at any time.

If you’ve got any ideas for a new name for the libz blitz please leave a comment in the linked issue. If you’d like to help stabilise and maintain a nursery crate, please leave a comment on the issue (there’s one for each one on the tracker).

I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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I can’t do that time on Wed, but could do anything earlier, or from 2:30 Pacific onward.

@aturon Would 11am PT, Wednesday work for you?


Ok, here’s some more details for the meeting tomorrow:

11am - 12pm, 25 April, Pacific Time (GMT-07:00)

Manual link to the hangout

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It looks like the link on the calendar event isn’t the right one. Use the manual hangout link instead.

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