Lang Team Working Group Sync Meetings


This is a thread tracking announcing the working group sync meetings. These meetings are a time for the lang-team members and working groups participants to synchronize. The working group will present their current status and upcoming plans and get feedback on the overall direction. The goal is generally not to debate technical minutia, though that might happen too. =)

As a member of the general public, these meetings offer a way for you to keep track of the general progress and direction of each active working group. Before each meeting, a write-up will be posted by the group describing the current status. The meetings themselves are recorded and posted later on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The full meeting dates and times can be found in lang team calendar. Each meeting will have an invite that includes a link to Zoom. Feel free to come in and observe if you like. (To reduce scheduling churn, we generally hold the meetings at the same basic time every week, but there may be exceptions).


I am happy to announce our first working group meeting. The Unsafe Code Guidelines working group will be presenting their progress on March 14, 2019 at 15:00 Boston time (19:00 UTC – note the unusual offset because of DST). You can find a write-up of the current status and plans here.

Unsafe Code Guidelines Meetings

Recording is now live on YouTube!