Lang Team Meetings

This is a thread tracking announcing the working group sync meetings. These meetings are a time for the lang-team members and working groups participants to synchronize. The working group will present their current status and upcoming plans and get feedback on the overall direction. The goal is generally not to debate technical minutia, though that might happen too. =)

As a member of the general public, these meetings offer a way for you to keep track of the general progress and direction of each active working group. Before each meeting, a write-up will be posted by the group describing the current status. The meetings themselves are recorded and posted later on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The full meeting dates and times can be found in lang team calendar. Each meeting will have an invite that includes a link to Zoom. Feel free to come in and observe if you like. (To reduce scheduling churn, we generally hold the meetings at the same basic time every week, but there may be exceptions).


I am happy to announce our first working group meeting. The Unsafe Code Guidelines working group will be presenting their progress on March 14, 2019 at 15:00 Boston time (19:00 UTC – note the unusual offset because of DST). You can find a write-up of the current status and plans here.

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Recording is now live on YouTube!


OK we went into a bit of a hiatus here. However, the next working group sync meeting is tomorrow, April 17, 2019 (calendar event). The meeting will (as always) begin with some light triage.

The topic of the meeting will be discussion around async-await and primarily this issue:


I may have spoken too soon. Take this with a grain of salt: We didn’t do the best job of planning out our agenda last week. I’ll maybe update later.

Video posted here and dropbox paper document available here – we did wind up covering unused arguments after all! (As well as very briefly touching on the policy around fcp etc.)


Next meeting is today. The topics up for discussion are:

  • Async-await syntax resolution plan – we have a general plan for how to resolve the question of async-syntax, but we’ve not communicated it (surprise!). We are going to touch base on the plan and who will communicate what and where.
  • Meta working group kickoff proposal – plan to kick off a group to discuss how working groups should function.
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Video posted here and dropbox paper document available here. We covered the expected agenda.

At our next meeting (on May 2nd), the topic for discussion will be:

Sorry for lack of updates. Here are two uploaded videos:

Today’s meeting will focus on rfc#2582 today. (Zoom link)




  • Topic: general triage (we rescheduled the intended topic, which was FFI/c-parity working group)
  • Video
  • Meeting notes

Upcoming topic next week is expected to be std-aware cargo.


  • Topic: reviewing async-await
  • Video: not available – I wasn’t able to attend and I’m the one who has the recording capabilities :slight_smile:
  • Meeting notes


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Sorry for not posting meetings in a while! Life got crazy. Also, in the upcoming couple of weeks I will be on vacation. Due to the specifics of how Zoom recording works, we may not be able to record those meetings either.


  • Video recording
  • Dropbox paper
  • Main topics:
    • nounwind attribute logic
    • unsound interaction between self-referential generators (incl. async fn) and noalias
    • Ref parameter incorrectly decorated with noalias attribute


  • Video recording -- still uploading as of posting this comment
  • Dropbox paper
  • Major topics covered:
    • nounwind attribute and RFC 2753
    • misc nominated PRs and regressions

Sorry, forgot to post this last week apparently!


  • Video recording -- still uploading as of posting this comment
  • Dropbox paper
  • Focus area for this meeting was the Grammar Working Group (comes at the end), with @qmx giving a report (:pray). We talked about their goals, history, and what we can do to better integrate the Grammar WG into the team as a whole.
  • Other notable discussions:
    • unwind, #63909
    • the Ref type and noalias, #63787


  • Video recording
  • Minutes -- as of now, we are moving the minutes from dropbox paper docs to this gitub repository -- and yeah it's kind of a mess, that's dropbox paper export for ya'
  • Focus area was RFC 2753, the "C panic" ABI specifier
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NB. I think from next week I'll start posting these to the Inside Rust blog instead.