[Idea] Return a reference to the element which were just pushed onto a Vec


I often push an element to a Vec and then call last().unwrap() to get a reference to it. Is there a reason why push should not return the reference to the pushed element?


This seems like something you could use a trait to solve. Besides, what kind of reference would push return? & or &mut?


As push needs a &mut self anyway, it should return &mut.


We can’t change the type of such a commonly used pre-existing method for compatibility reasons. There should definitely be a new method for this though.


This feels a bit odd. Since you are pushing an item to the vec, you already have the item with you. So having push return a item feels redundant


The item will often be owned by the container you’re pushing into, so now you no longer have it. I, too, have definitely encountered the case where I wanted to push something into a container and get back a reference.

Maybe we need something akin to HashMap::entry() for Vec?


Ah true. Yeah the entry API would make sense and keep things consistent with other collections.


I’ve definitely wanted this for HashMaps – at least with Vec it’s cheap to get a reference to what I just inserted.


For maps we already have the entry API, which should solve this problem (HashMap::entry)


I don’t know that we need a full entry API, since this doesn’t need to look up existing items – although that could be a thing too. Here I would suggest:

fn push_last(&mut self, value: T) -> &mut T

Maybe insert deserves a variant too, but I don’t have a name suggestion.


I think insert is the corresponded entry.

One advantage of a full entry API would be, that you could also return the index of the last element, no need to another call to len.


Not for the key, though, which is also moved.

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