"Epoch" vs "era"


Maybe CRE (Coordinated Release Epoch).


As opposed to someone needing to look-up what Era/Epoch means in the context of Rust? With all due respect, I’d expect an acronym (which invites looking up its definition) to cause much less confusion than a common word that is being used to have a special/jargon meaning in Rust in isolation.


Yeah, but, just think, we could have “NEW EDITION!”


I assume people would at least get an idea or the context if you reach epoch or era compared to CRE.


In my experience, using a familiar word to mean something specific of a technical nature usually just results in people mentally using whatever their connotations of the word are, often inappropriately, resulting in significant confusion. But, hey, just my opinion/observations. Definitely not written in stone.

I will mention however, that the U.S. Military is often panned for using acronyms so often, but, there was significant psychological research and experience that backs up why they do that. It avoids confusion more than it adds to confusion.


Clicking other on the poll does not register my vote, but +1 for Edition.


I’ve been sitting on this all day. I’m starting to get quite keen on Edition myself, I have to say.


Agree. Although I would prefer the acronym CLE (Coordinated Language Edition) that can be shortened to just Edition informally, but, in official announcements, etc, always lead with something like:

The Rust 2018 Coordinated Language Edition (CLE) is now released…This CLE contains…The release files are…Rust-Linux-CLE2018-1.6.7.deb etc.




FWIW, “epochs/editions” in Rust are pretty similar to “standards” in C and C++. For example, CMake uses CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD variable to control whether to use C+98,11,14 etc. A difference is that Rust is promising to allow different modules to be complied with different standards in the same compilation unit.

I suppose a problem with Rust trying to reuse this term is that Rust doesn’t have a formal standard/reference?


The vote doesn’t work. My Favorites are Epoch / Edition




I’ve re-written the roadmap blog post to use “edition” rather than “epoch”, and I think it’s great! Thanks, all, for pushing us in this direction.


After a few failed searches of synonyms and antonyms since I view the name pretty much only as a sale tool, (technical choice not important.) Was searching for something like vintage but modern. Eventually came to;

Rust Ultra 2018


We have settled on edition so I guess we can close this discussion :grin:

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