Discussion forum for dev-tools/rust-analyzer?

Prompted by this reddit comment, I am wondering what should be the officially recommended venue for asking questions about rust-analyzer (ie, "how do I setup rust-analyzer with vim").

My current hypothesis is that a separate category on users.rust-lang.org would be helpful, like help+rust-analyzer or, more a general one, like help+ide. So, I'd like to ask admins to create it :slight_smile: cc @mbrubeck ? Maaaybe this can even be a top-level category, as I can see it being used, for example, for sharing workflow tips and not just only for asking for help.

I also have relatively little practical experience with these things, so I am open to alternative proposals.

Here's my reasoning for why I think discourse topic might be a good fit:

  • I think an Q&A/mailing list format would work better than a chat (like Discord), as most questions are the same, and there's a lot of value in having answers being longer and indexed by google. Additionally, I personally don't enjoy using Discord that much.
  • Leveraging existing channel (like urlo) nicely solves moderation issues (that is, for example, why I am not thrilled about the beta github discussions). Additionally, it avoids fragmentation and gives an opportunity for asking more general rust questions
  • I want to have an easy way to point to the forum from the docs, and to read the questions. Topic links like https://users.rust-lang.org/c/help/5 seems perfect for that. I think I can even get new posts in topic be delivered to my mailbox, which might be useful?
  • I really want to leverage awesome Rust community for support questions (which is a round-about way to say that I don't really have resources for answering every question myself :frowning: ), and urlo seems like the best way to do that.
  • I guess the main reason is actually that I love discourse sooo much. Really, it's such a great piece of software.

I think it's difficult to decide what crates are special enough to get specific categories, but help+ide seems more reasonable. You could also use the new GitHub Discussions in your repo, like ripgrep just announced. Edit: oh, you mentioned that with moderation concerns -- but then, is it fair to add burden to urlo moderators?

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People will inevitably ask questions about Rust IDE/editor setup on URLO. Making a dedicated space for this seems reasonable to me. I have no objection to projects like rust-analyzer directing people there, especially if it encourages rust-analyzer experts to read and respond to the questions!

As an aside, URLO has grown about 50% by almost every metric (posts, page views, users...) since one year ago. It's a challenge to keep up with the increased traffic, but I think we're managing it.


Why not all of them?

If user-created tags were enabled on URLO, then users could create any tag they wanted. TL3/4 users are allowed to change tags on posts, the same way they can change categories, so I expect that any questions about a crate would quickly be tagged with the crate name, even if the original user didn't do it.


There is also the new "Github Discussions" feature, which can be seen here.

Still in limited beta though.

Yeah, I guess urlo is still the best option here. https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/pull/2912 is also looks like it would be merged soon, which hopefully should clear some concerns about rust-analyzer vs offical rust spaces.

@mbrubeck could you create ides and editors category on URLO? Don't know if we should nest it under help>, my gut feeling is that it doesn't really matter that much in the end.

Here is the new category:


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