I don't want you to feel that anyone's denying that something you could call squatting is happening. Its clear that most - maybe even all - of the crates claimed by these users will never be used for useful projects, and its clear that the names chosen were chosen because they are obvious names for projects. But I say nothing has changed because the policy was made in full awareness that this sort of thing would happen, and the fact that it has happened doesn't make me feel like we have any reason to revise the policy.

The relevant teams don't want to be responsible for adjudicating whether a crate name is "squatted" or not. The reality is that many prominent members of the community squat names in advance of uploading them - including myself - and some in fact have many squatted names, similar to these users, but with probably better justification (e.g. Carl Lerche has claimed a lot obvious tokio- names, not all of which I believe he has a project he intends to upload for them). The political impact of having to draw the line is stressful and sinks a lot time.

Its possible that someone will do something so egregiously spammy that we need to reclaim their crates from them. I would really prefer that this not happen, because it will waste a lot of our time and not lead us to revise our policy regarding other users. Wherever the line is at which we start revoking squatted crates, I don't think any user I'm aware of has reached it, and I don't see why that would ever change.