Compiler "Steering Meeting"

Today in the compiler team triage meeting, we decided to make the “Steering Meeting” every three weeks, at least to start. So a “twice per release” checkin.

That puts the next meeting on Friday, November 16 at 10am Boston time. If you would like to be added to the calendar invite, please let me know.

The next question: what should we talk about?

I was thinking it would be good to discuss compiler priorities for the next year a bit. I think it’s pretty clear that compilation time + fast, snappy RLS is going to be a priority, but I’d like to drill down a bit into some of the promising leads we have for that and what we can do to evaluate them – I’m particularly interested in how we can estimate the impact and choose relative priorities.

(I don’t expect us to reach final decisions here; but I see a need for us to start formulating thoughts in anticipation of the upcoming Roadmap discussion, and I would also like to start nailing down our agenda for the upcoming Rust All Hands in February – that is a great opportunity for us to finalize various architectural decisions in these areas, and I’d like to ensure we have all the data we need to make an informed decision.)


One concern is whether we should maybe focus a bit harder – e.g., maybe it’s a good idea to discuss RLS specifically, or “overall compilation time” specifically?