Building rustc on Solaris


@gurry sorry for the slow response. The pkgsrc method will definitely work but you’ll get an older version of rust and theres still no cargo binary out there. I’ve got a long flight to Berlin on sunday, perhaps I’ll get some time at another attempt to cross-compile the cargo bootstrap. Haven’t had any time on it this week :frowning:


Thanks @eeyun

I’m running into some problems while installing pkgsrc on my Solaris 11 machine. Since pkgsrc binaries are not available for this platform, I’m trying to install it from source, but after running the bootstrap for some reason pkgin command does not become available. Maybe something failing during compilation. I’ll fix this problem and then try installing rust with it.


@gurry make sure after the bootstrap command has been run that the pkgin command exists on your path, let me know if I can help!


@eeyun I’m currently trying to get a Rust compiler working on an OpenSolaris distribution (Schillix to be exact).

What’s the best way to make that work?

Currently downloading packages from for SmartOS and hoping that they’ll work. I already tried cross-compiling rustc by using (and patching) japaric’s docker container but ran into issues where LLVM does not cross-compile.


I got the binaries from joyent working (they had weird issues in libunwind), but they don’t contain cargo. Has anyone ported that to Solaris by any chance?


Hmm, looks like the “rust” package is no longer offered in the latest 2017Q4 repository. Can we revive this package, and hopefully add cargo to it?


Hi - sorry for a late reply. Yes indeed, it is ported to Solaris (in fact, there is nothing special about Cargo, the main porting effort goes to its dependencies). The main problem there is to build the stage0 cargo snapshot: the bootstrap process is (or was?) almost undocumented and you’ll have to use special scripts to collect and build Cargo deps without having a Cargo binary in the first place, so the build process is somewhat convoluted.

The bootstrapping script can be found here: - it was written by @dhuseby for Bitrig BSD but it works pretty well for any other OS.

There are also some older snapshots for SmartOS - you might want to try your luck with these:


Ok… so - first necrothread and I apologize - but, I DO have some more info on this. I’ve got a couple as-of-yet untested Illumos binaries that I managed to put together several months ago before no longer having time to hack on this.

Personally I’d really love it if someone with the time and energy could use these binaries to get a legitimate pkgsrc definition for Illumos. But I doubt it’s something I’m going to have time to work on for a little while longer.

If anyone would like me to host the cargo and rustc binaries somewhere public (especially if you’ve got the intention to try to use them as the bootstrap for a more recent Rust) just reply to this thread and I’ll get them pushed up into s3 or something.


Actually ignore me. For anyone that stumbles on this thread. As of pkgsrc release 2018Q2 rust 1.27.0 is now available on illumos!